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A Brief Introduction to Jiujiang Foreign Language School

 Jiujiang Foreign Language School was named for Jiujiang NO. 5 Middle School in 1996 , which was firstly founded in 1971.Nowadays , the school , with more than 30 years of history , is a public school of foreign language characteristic . There are two Campus , east campus and west campus , which covers 200mu , with more than 60,000 square metres constraction area . It includes junior high school and senior high school , with 63 classes and 4,000 students and teschers in total .

 The new campus,that is east campus, is located by Lushan Road , eastern part of Jiujiang City . The administration of school managed to get policy and investment from government in 2007. Less than 8 months , the new campus was in completion . The modern garden school , covering 200mu , with 100,000,000 RMB investment and excellent equipment , is a miracle in the history of Jiujiang education.

 Jiujiang Foreign Language School has been striving to enhance the quality of education and scientific research . Accordingingly , the school has made great progress . In the year of 2005’s senior high school entrance examination , there were 7 students , who scored more than 700 . The number of students , who were eligible to enter key senior high school were 325 , making up 60.4% of the total number . The average total score and the average score of each subject ranked first . In 2006 , the students over 600 marks added up to 266 , which is more than half of the total number ,and the students over 650 marks amounted to 100 . In 2007 , the result was even better . Amazingly, all of the assessed items ranked first .

 Jiujiang Foreign Language School has been strengthening foreign language charicteristic . The school , so far , has brought in over 30 foreign teachers , and received students from overseas , such as the United States of America , Germany , Italy , Norway , Australia , Columbia , Malaysia , and so on . Besides that , the school often received delegations of other countries for exchange . More than 30 teachers and 100 students have been picked out to study abroad . German and Japanese are available for students to learn .

 Jiujiang Foreign Language School has catapulted from an ordinary school to a popular school in short than 12 years . The school has been awarded titles of , “ National Foreign Language Experimental School ” “ Modern Teaching Equipment model school ” “ Moral Edueation model school ” “ Youth Advanced Unit ” “ Able Women ”, and so on . In 2005 , Jiujiang Foreign Language School was in the list of “ key construction schools of Jiangxi Province ”. In 2007 , the school has been authorised “ a Base for popularizing chinese ”.

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